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dancing onto bridges


artists are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
25 cent rings, adventures, all-nighters, any escape necessary, arms as blankets, art, avoidance, awkward tendencies, back and forth, balloons, beaches, beet appearances, bike rides, bones, book making, boys that read, broken sentences, car rides to nowhere, catching up, changing seasons, children, city lights, cloud shapes, coffee house music, color books, colors, compulsive dancing, conspiracies, crafts, creating, crisp air, crunchy leaves, cuddling, cupcakes, dancing in the rain, delusions, destruction, dim cigarettes, diy, doodles, downtown olympia, dresses, drinking tea, east side, embroidery, emotions, endurance, fabric, falling down, falling in love, falling out, feeling free, finding strange beauty, fireflies, flashlights under blankets, fort building, fragments of life, freezing, getting lost, grass, grilled soy cheese sandwiches, hair clips, hallucinations, helicopters, igniting my inner child, illusions, industrial districts, inspiration, journals, just in time, kalama, knitting, laced fingers, laughter, learning about you, leaving this place, letter writing, life through lenses, listening to rain, lists, love notes, mail art, misinterpretation, monsters, moonlight dancing, moths, naps, night, night driving, november, obsessive documenting, packages, paper, perhaps you, picnics, pineapples, playing with hair, portland, pretend, printmaking, procrastinating, rambling, refusal of attachment, roadside distractions, robots, running away, saving the broken, seattle, second chances, secret shops, self indulgence, sewing by hand, shy boys, singing in the car, skinny girls, sleeping, smoothies, sound of silence, speeding, spontaneity, strangers, sun dresses, surprises, sweaters, sweet nothings, swings, tacoma, taking chances, the next victim, the scary monsters, the shape of things, the sky, the way kids play, thinking without interruption, time away, tire swings, tourist attractions, transitions, vanishing hopes, veganism, venice, vintage mermaids, wandering, waterfronts, whispers, wondering, words on paper, your soft singing, zines